Snarky Meeting Notes

A story about McMahon

As told to Phil by me:

So here’s a McMahon story.

We end up going to the bar last night. Casey’s telling us about how he went to see a show in Boston last weekend and got so drunk that he started giving money away to homeless people. That got Garin and me talking about the homeless, drunk guy who accosted us two July 4ths ago with our friends when we were eating in a park. [Husband] was telling them about how he was harrassing a friend of ours for going to throw out her unfinished food, saying something like, “Hunger, you know what that’s like?”

So I say at this point (last night, I mean; I wouldn’t dare say this to the guy): “Oh, I’m sure he was full of all sorts of grains, maybe even fruit.”

McMahon says, “Yeah, a pineapple up his ass…”


I’m giggling just writing it. I thought maybe it was funny because we were all buzzed but I thought of it again this morning and started laughing. You’d probably have to be there and actually hear him say it because he just said it in that cheeky way and it was just so out there and out of the blue…

So when he was teasing me about being a bit stumbly, I really wanted to say, “At least I wasn’t babbling about anal pineapples” or something but I don’t want people to start complaining about the things I say in the break room.